Monday, December 6, 2010

The Votes Are In

All the votes were counted and the winner was announced Saturday Night at our Customer Appreciation Auction. Congratulations To BJ Howe, her quilt was the winner of our half square triangle exchange challenge.

After all the the entrants were given there prizes the auction began. This is the third year we had the auction. Customers were given quilting bucks for every dollar they spent from November 1 through the start of the auction.  Over 50 prizes were given away to the group.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I am off to see family in Vegas.   I am  taking some projects to work on while I am gone.  I always take a lot of stuff and usually bring most of it back undone.  We will see if I get any done on the plane or I just fall asleep.  Most likely I will fall asleep.  As soon as the plane starts moving it puts be to sleep.  Can you guess what I am making?  Hint there is more than one project.  One will be a new block of the month I am designing and one is for a class for next year.

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Family, Food, and Football  and a little slot machine action is what I will be doing  later today.  One of our traditions is I make these cookies and take them to Vegas for Gene to have while is watching football and horse racing.  They are filled with peanut butter. Directions are easy just a few steps but it does take time. 

You will need Ritz crackers, Chunky Peanut butter ( it must be chunky, ) White and Dark Almond Bark, and wax paper.

Step 1 make a  cookie sandwich with two ritz crackers and peanut butter.
Step 2 melt one of the almond barks ( I use the microwave) dip half of the cookie and place on wax paper.
You need to let the almond bark set.  I make a lot of them so by the time I finish one fit is ready for the other.
Step 3 melt the other almond bark and dip the other half.  Let set and then they are ready to eat.

Thanks to  Marilyn Dale  for the recipe

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Need Your Vote

Earlier this year we exchanged over 4000 half square triangles inspired by  Edyta Sitar book "Friendship Triangles."  I then challenged all the participants to make a  quilt using the half square triangles.




Now we need you to vote for your favorite.  Please pick one and tell us in the comments.  You have until Midnight December 3.  Winner will be announced at our Customer  Appreciation Auction.

Monday, November 15, 2010

And the WINNER is

The winner of my first giveaway is Mary Thornton congratulations.   Mary Wins a "Fresh Cotton"Charm Pack by Fig Tree and Co

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My First Post

I am back from Quilt Market and guess what kind of classes I took while in Houston.  "Blogging." I am jumping in to the blog world with both feet.
I have been quilting since 1988 and have owned Fabric Expressions since 2007.  Fabric Expressions is located in Littleton Colorado, we offer many classes and different sewing clubs.  I made two quilts that were on display at the Moda booth at Quilt Market.  I made a quilt for the Quilts of Valor Program that many fabric companies are taking part in next year.  Fabric Expressions will be taking part in the program as well.

Copyright Notice

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Feel free to use any of my patterns or tutorials to make items for yourself or for gift giving. Do not make items to sell. If you would like to offer my patterns or tutorials for a class or teaching purposes, please contact me. thank you