Friday, November 27, 2015

Sampler Shuffle Blocks

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you have a safe and warm holiday weekend.  

It is time for more blocks for the "Sampler Shuffle.  I added a tutorial for "Easy Triangles. "  You can find them on the same page as the blocks. This will help you make half square triangles and corner triangles.

Here is an example of the corner triangles.  The method is the same as making Flying Geese just the angle of one of the squares is different.

The next series of blocks are pretty basic.  Make your half square triangles and easy corners then sew the square together. Block number 4 does not use any triangle squares.

What do you do with the fabric you cut off when making your flying geese and easy corners?  I have been keeping them, sewing them together as my beginning and enders.  What that means is I start my chain piecing with two of the left over triangle scraps and then end my chain with the same thing.  This way I so not have to cut my treat from the machine and I will end up with a lot of small half square triangles.  So far the measure 1 ¼ inches.  I don’t know what I am going to do with them but I did see a really cool quilt on display in Houston at “Quilt Festival” made only with half square triangles.

I am not sure I have it in me to make this but it was amazing to see on display.

Happy Quilting

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sampler Suffle Begins

Are you ready to start a new Sampler Block Shuffle?  The sample I have in the shop is made with two fabric collections:  "Canyon" and "Tucker Prairie."  The pattern is intended for you to use two Jelly Rolls or two Layer Cakes. You can also combine the two.

 Today I posted the first two blocks patterns.  For these blocks I used two other collectrions "Eliza's Indigo" by Betsy Chetchian and "Miniature Gatherings" by Primitive Gatherings.  I also posted the flying geese border pattern.

   After you make your blocks I suggest you make at least three flying geese from the same fabrics you just used.  That way you have most of the flying geese already made at the end. Other wise you will have to make 176 flying geese in order to finish the quilt.  You will need to make four flying geese from some of the fabric combos to get enough for the border.

Block One by Pat Sloan: You will be making eight Half Square Triangles  (HST) that finish at 1½ inches square.


First you will need (4) 2-½ inch light background and (4) 2-½ inch dark fabric. I like to use a quick quarter ruler.  You place the ruler on the diagonal of the squares, mark on both of the ruler.  The two lines are the sewing lines.  Cut in half to make two HST.  At this point the HST will measure 2 inches.

There are also other ways to make HST; Triangles Papers like “Thangles,” “Triangles on a Roll,” and “Star Singles” are a few that I like to use.  Thangles will work if you are using Jelly Rolls and the Star Singles will work if you are using Layer Cakes.  Pin the fabrics to the papers sew on all the dotted lines and cut on the solids lines.  Each of the Star Singles make 8 HFT.  Thangles make two HST for each square.

Follow the diagram in the pattern and sew the squares together.

The pattern uses two fabrics, but you can make the blocks with more fabrics.  If you like a scrappy look add more fabrics.  Here is an example of the block made with three fabrics.

Block Two is designed by Me and My Sister.  This is a basic block, follow the cutting instructions and sew the blocks in sections.


   After you make your blocks I suggest you make at least three flying geese from the same fabrics you just used.  That way you have most of the flying geese already made at the end. Other wise you will have to make 176 flying geese in order to finish the quilt.  You will need to make four flying geese from some of the fabric combos to get enough for the border. Feel free to mix and match the backgrounds you just used in your blocks

  The flying geese measure 1 1/2” x 3” finished.  You will need one dark fabric cut 2”x 6”

And (2) 2” squares of a light fabric.  Draw a diagonal line one the light squares.  Place one square on the dark rectangle sew on the line and press open.  Repeat on the other side.  Keep these in a safe place  once you have a good variety you can start to put them together.

Have Fun.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Moda Sampler Shuffle

Are your ready for a new Block of the week?  The patterns are all free for a limited time. "Moda Sampler Shuffle" is a two month sampler block series, with each block from a different Moda designer. New blocks will be added to the website every Thursday starting November 12th, 2015 and will end in November 2016.  Each week there will be 2 or three blocks available. Blocks will include trips and tricks to enhance your piecing skills. The blocks are a free download, courtesy of Moda, for a limited time.

There will be Thirty -6inch blocks plus setting instructions. Suggested fabric requirements are 2 Layer Cakes or 2 Jelly Rolls or one of each.  The can be from the  same collection or you and mix and match. For my shop sample I used two different fabric lines: "Canyon by Kate Spain and "Tucker Prairie" by One Canoe Two.  Additional fabric for the settings will be required.

I will be posting photos each week here, on Fabric Expressions facebook page, and Instagram. Feel free to post your blocks  each week on our facebool page (#modasmaplershuffle) or send us a picture and we will share it for you.

Look forward to seeing everyones blocks.

Friday, August 28, 2015

New Classes

Where does the time go?  The summer is almost over and the next newsletter is in the shop.  The newsletter is full of fun classes for the fall and winter.  I know this sounds crazy but I am already looking at the 2016 calendar.

Here are some of the samples of the classes.


                                                   Tennesse Waltz

                                                Buttons and Thread

                                                   Plain Jane

Classes start in September.  You can get a copy of the newsletter on the website:

Happy Quilting

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Are you Row By Row Hopping?  

It has been a month since the Row By Row Experience started, and it is great fun.  We have a lot of out of town visitors.  We have them put a pin in our map where they are from.  There have been people from 36 differant states so far.  All 50 States and Canada are participating.

Today we had a winner for the first person who brought in a quilt made with at least 8 rows from differant shops.  Our winner Dale Coy of Elizabeth CO Row brought here quilt. The Rows from top to bottom: Row 1 Fabric Expressions, 2. Nanas Quilt Cottage, 3. Lady Bug Hill Quilts, 4. High Country Quilts, 5. Holly's Quilt Cabin, 6. Mulqueens Sewing Center (AZ), 7. High Prairie Quilts, 8. Quilters Stash.

You still have time to start your own Row By Row quilt. Shops will have there rows through Labor Day Weekend.  From September 9th through Halloween there is a blackout period w , give the shops time to get more fabric or licence plates if needed.  On November 1 shops can mail out kits, patterns; take phone orders or offer the rows and plates online. i   I know I will be selling my kit after the Row by Row is over.  I designed a wall hanging option for my row.  We have kits available for it now. All the letters are already cut out for you.

Have Fun

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