Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family Visit

This weekend my sister Jen and her daugher Maria came for a visit from Los Angeles.  We had an great time visiting family and friends.  It was an action packed weekend. Jen and Maria stayed with Tanya a close friend Jen went to school with.

We thought about going to the zoo but our uncle Tim suggest we meet him and our cousin Joe at Riverside Cemetery.  Riverside Cemetery is the Denver's oldest operation cemetery and is designated a national historic district.  Tim and Joe volunteer there.

Our cousin Danny is in a band "Today's Paramount" and they performed Saturday Night so after we all had dinner we went to listen to him play.

Sunday we meet Tim and cousin Katie at Washington park.  Maria enjoyed the afternoon at the park and spending time on the petal boats with Katie.

After a fun afternoon at the park we had a casual dinner then had to say goodbye.  Jen and Maria have an early flight back to LA.

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