Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quilt Show

Here are some more quilts from the quilt show. These quilts were entered in the “Celebrate Spring” and “ Floral” categories.  It is nice to see some people have a sense a humor as seen in the first quilt.  Lions faces in the flowers.  The next quilt used beads for the centers to give it some texture. I took a close up shot of the center.

I have exciting news, while I was at Quilt Market I met with Traci Suzanne Marvel. Traci is Director of Marketing  (aka Dirctor of Fun and Enternainment)  for Bigfork Bay Cotton Company . We will be working together this coming summer. I am very excited about having Traci coming to Colorado.

I had a true six degrees of separation while in Houston.  I had been talking with Traci at Bigfork, Traci and Pat Sloan are working together, Pat Sloan is joining the Moda team this Spring and Bigfork is talking with Moda. Here is one of Pat Sloans projects with Bigfork.

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  1. I love the top one with the lions in the middle. That is so clever. Thanks for sharing.


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