Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alison's Way

We have a new Block of the Month starting “ Vintage Rouge.”  This is a six month program, the quilt utilized both piecing and appliqué with a little embroidery. The quilt measures 78’x 78. 

Each Month I will demo the blocks you be making. I will show you how I made the blocks; I am known for not following directions.  It was suggested that call it (AW) for Alison’s Way.  Thanks Chris for the idea.

Month 1 you will be making 4 “Darting Bird Blocks.”  It is not a very difficult block to make especially since you are not piecing the Half Square Triangles (HST.)   They are made using the “Strip-It” fabric.  You cut out your HST from the fabric no sewing needed.

AW TIP:  Spray starch you fabric before you cut the HST since you will be working with bias.  The starch with help prevent you from stretching your fabric.

 The pattern shows you cutting the HST using a bigger square ruler.  I used the 2 ½” square ruler from creative grid.

AW TIP:  Have your mat at the corner of the table so you can move around the ruler instead of moving the fabric, or use a rotating cutting mat.

After you have cut the 24 HST the rest is a piece of cake. Cut the rest of the fabrics according to the pattern. Follow the pattern and make four blocks.

AW:  when making the four-patches, I placed two strips on top of each other and then cut them into the 1 ½” segments.  That way they were ready to sew.  Make sure you sets of both greens in the four patch.

Remember to make 4 blocks.  It may look strange but there is only one dark green cornerstone square in each block.  That is how it is suppose to look.

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