Friday, June 10, 2011

Capital Quilt Show

Every two years the Colorado Quilting Council (CQC) hosts a showcase of  Colorado quilters at the State Capitol.  The show opened on Monday and runs through August 19th.  There are over 250 quilts on display in capitol.  I had the pleasure of visiting on Wednesday afternoon.  There is an Opening Ceremony is today at 2 p.m.  

It was great to see everyones quilts.  Where comfortable shoes when you go.  The quilts are on three different floors hanging through out the building.  When I thought I saw them all there were more around the corner. The show is free and is open M-F.  Sorry the Capitol is closed on weekends and holidays. 
                           This is the quilt I entered in the show.  Have a great weekend

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  1. Hi and thx for sharing. I Will come to hour snop this summer diring my vacation and this is å Nice tip for indpitatin :i)


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