Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hi everyone, day two in Kansas City. Although Spring Market does not Officially start till tomorrow, it was a busy day and night. Today’s event is called "School House." A day filled with demos and show and tells.  The purpose is to show off their new products and classes on running a business.  Each session lasting 30 minutes or less.  The catch is there are about 15 classes going on at the same time in rooms all round the convention center.  So you get a lot of exercise.  I attended some fun and interesting classes. After school I helped at the Moda tables at "Sample Spree."

The best way I can describe sample spree is similar to the day after Thanksgiving when people line up hours before the stores open and charge o the deals.  Tonight the first group of people was in line before 2 pm.  Sample spree started at 8 pm. Many vendors have specials or sell sets of patterns with their samples.  Most of the fabric companies sell pre-cuts.

At the Moda tables they sold fat quarter packs along with a few kits.  The tables were piled high before the start. By the time I left there were just a few packs left.  I bought a small pack and a kit.  It is hard to buy more and get it back because of the weight in my bags.  I can order them after I get back from the show.

I have a class in the morning so I better get some sleep since it is almost tomorrow.

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